Grand Canyon Filter

Provide potable water for ± 25 people on a 16 day river trip with a single charge of the battery.*

  • Compact - The power unit fits in the 10” tall 50 caliber ammo can provided. (See picture below.)The filter will fit in a 20 mm ammo can (not included).
  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low initial cost
    Grand Canyon Filter
  • Low cost filter elements
  • Simple to repair, even in the field
  • No solar panels require
  • No UV lights needed

Grand Canyon Filter includes:

Spare parts (included):

  • Pump (spare)
  • Rio filter element
  • Magic lube o-ring grease
  • Spare o-rings

*The battery included will provide approximately 300 gallons of potable water using roughly 50% of the battery capacity. The battery is sized with a substantial reserve to increase battery life and provide peace of mind. On the Colorado River, in the Grand Canyon, filtered water must also be treated with chlorine bleach to meet National Park regulations. More information is available on the links page.

"In the Spring of 2010 we purchased two Vital Water Products filters. They promptly went out on two 21 day Grand trips, and we received awesome reviews. Our "Grand Canyon" filters continue to be used by private, commercial and science trips that Ceiba outfits and everyone raves about them. These filters are simply far superior to anything out there and we've used them all. Thanks Kevin!"

Scott Davis,
Ceiba Adventures, Inc.

Price $749.00 each